The world is loosing its colors! Whenever I look around I can only find either high-maintenance princess girls or down-to-earth-next-door-girls. The first ones would make you scout town under heavy rain at 3 am for an exotic ice-cream flavor, meanwhile the second ones would get the best promotion of your favorite ice-cream so you can share it with your buddies on a friday night meanwhile watching football games. The capricious girl or the best buddy seems to be the only choice these days. Where have the great women we´ve admired on cinema gone to?

In “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, Elisabeth Taylor plays Maggie. Maggie the cat isn´t ashamed to despair nor to make a fool of herself cause she knows she will get her man in the end. She´s got life in her alright! And everybody recognizes it in her and loves her for it! She is on a mission to save her man and fulfill her her own desire. Maggie the cat is a woman with an open strategy relying on her feelings to shape the world according to her own wishes.

Holly, interpreted by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany´s”, is, on the contrary, a woman waiting to be saved. Drifting through life, she is desperately seeking for the lost father that will finally take good care of her. She also has a structure but is unable to recognize that it won´t take her anywhere, that it is even harming her. Fortunately a breach occurs in her world, and a cat – just simply named cat – together with a man force her to open up to the world and drop her system in face of total failure.

Jeanne Moreau´s Catherine, in Truffaut´s “Jules and Jim”, is a force of nature with a tendency for the fall. This soon becomes clear as she spontaneously plunges into the cold dark waters of the river, leaving her two friends in total astonishment. She is excessive and finds no rest in a single man´s arms, she changes her mind about whom to love and divides her attentions between Jules and Jim. But, truth be told, no one is able to fulfill her emptiness nor give her peace.

These great women have in common that they are warriors, clinging desperately to life, being driven by their passions and not worrying about the consequences of it. This ineptitude to follow social conventions and behave according to political correctness is exactly what make us love and admire them. They are beyond control and fit no system, no label. Their wild spirit and passions shake the waters, making them alive and eternal. They are the material of which life is made of.

Elisabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat on Cat on a Hot Tin RoofAudrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany´sJeane Moreau in Jules and Jim

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