I had already given up on Leipzig´s night, until yesterday. THERE IS HOPE! I was about to leave the club and had settled for 3 minute White Stripes – “my” only song the whole entire night and an unusual choice for the place, I thought. True be said, I´ve learned not to expect too much of Leipzig´s night! But I should have taken it for what it was: a sign from the Gods! When all the Martini boys and the Britney wannabes had already gone home, real pure magic night begun! On the way to the exit, this girl decided to check out the Electronic dance floor and immediately went from OFF to ON! Ladies and gentleman Djane 2hot4you RULED the floor! Sampling Laurie Anderson (GOD DAMN UNBELIEVABLE), with perfect bridges, intelligent samples and great sense of rhythm! It must be said: THIS CHICK IS SO GOD DAMN GOOD! And the GREAT news is she´ll be BACK and this girl here will be in the house rocking!

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  1. Hallo, ich freue mich wirklich sehr über dieses große Kompliment und ich hoffe Du verstehst meinen Text auch auf deutsch. Vielen, lieben Dank…. Ich freue mich das es Dir so gefallen hat im Nachtcafe. Beste Grüsse Nadine

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