Rundgang SPINNEREI Set.2007

This September´s edition of the Rundgang at the SPINNEREI was spiced up by three new openings, namely, Fred Gallery´s new exhibiting space, Kavi Gupta Gallery from Chicago as the new gallery-in-residence and, Laden für Nichts, whose concept implies constantly moving around and now has the Spinnerei for its latest location.

Angelina Gualdoni´s paintings at Dogenhaus exploring space and fusion, were very appealing in its dimensions, colors, spatial depictions and how acrylic gave the impression of watercolor sometimes.
I specially enjoyed Grit Hachmeister´s exhibition “Du alter Sack, was nun” where spontaneous drawings, rehearsed snapshots and collage with experimental and poor materials were to be found. Grit Hachmeister´s work uses the body as subject to address desire, violence and pornography as the most direct way to deal with how we use and exploit each other and ourselves in the most urgent and ruthless way. Furthermore, ASPN showed one of Hachmeister´s sculptures and in my view one of the best works at the Rundgang.

Another high point was Lutz-Rainer Müller & Jan Freuchen`s “Object Perdu” at Pierogi. Following “Object Trouvé” (2006). This 1:1 wooden replica of the Eagle (the lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969) with a wooden piano attached to its body, was originally chopped into small pieces by the artists and then thrown into a swamp. “Object Perdu” is born out of the recovery of the former broken sculpture from the swamp, in an attempt to re-create and re-built the initial project. Its constructed but sober look is specially attractive.

Also at Pierogi, William Lamson “SUBLUNAR“, a series of photographic and video works as well as an installation on the theme of human inability to fly without technical external help, caught my attention. Though small in its dimensions, “Jump” is a brilliant video animation were the naive wish to fly with no technical means goes hand to hand with its technique resulting in a dreamy atmosphere.

Melanie Manchot´s Film “Shave” in exhibition at Fred Gallery, shows – in a cold and distanced way despite the intimacy of the scene – a man having his head, breast and arms completely shaved by a barber and the small unavoidable wounds that open and bleed during the process.

Finally I would stress, Joachim Blank´s hybrid works, as not only they can be thought of as wall sculptures but also challenge both material and pictorial elements thus crossing borders. “He mixes digital production processes like laser cuts and Photoshop filters with industrially manufactured materials like acrylic glass, industrial wood, lacquer and adhesive (…) By using specific construction materials, he consciously cites the context of these materials and endows them with pictorial motifs”. (Filipprosbach press release)
Blank´s works are a knot where all aesthetic tensions under discussion nowadays converge and are mirrored. In particular, the use of industrial materials, in this way quoting the 70s But his works also join in a Formalist research and self-reflexive tendency that has shaped and been present throughout all XX century art.

Kavi Gupta´s ground floor installation by Danielle Gustafson-Sundell, depicting colorful humorous sentences on the walls, such as: “You are on my “to-do” list!” introduced the humorous tone that was sort of missing to the whole event.

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