William Jester-Jones

William Jester-Jones is a part of my crew.
The best moments together: an octopus salad by the beach at the end of a summer day, a dance at the closing party of “Incognito” (the best alternative club in Lisbon), a “bifana” in Bairro Alto and beers at Adamastor with the best view over Lisbon with the sun slowly sinking down in the horizon.
William Jester-Jones is pure laughter and music. We drink, eat and bath in the see together. He has the long term plan of teaching me how to surf!?! We´ve “wasted” long days at the beach together… salty dry warm golden skin and I am in my best spirits!

When he calls me from Lisbon, my heart hurts for it always sounds like he is in New York, sirens and construction noises fill the back and we must shout at each other on the phone, and I am simultaneously transported to both my dream cities.
I miss the craziness, the spontaneous long summer nights, the surprises and sadnesses of Lisbon, the morning Tejo light and the warm and laughter of the people in every dark and stinky corner. I miss the chaos of Lisbon, going up and down with drinks, seating at people´s doorsteps, drinking espresso all day long with friends and unfolding the newspaper in early cold mornings, the smell and the light of the river…

William Jester-Jones always meets me when I arrive or leave at Lisbon airport, even if only for a short coffee and a cigarette. Though I am in between cities, in between something that I can´t leave behind but is insufficient and something that I can´t still quite foresee nor grasp, he remains present. Sometimes this in between gets very tiresome and I feel like abandoning my warrior role. One crazy night in Lisbon, I told him we should escape together, just like in the movies… fortunately, William Jester-Jones wasn´t feeling very cinematic this particular evening!

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