VINCENT GALLO – The Brown Bunny

Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo writes, produces, directs and interprets his own films, aside working as an artist and touring America with his band. His multitalents know no disciplinary borders nor limits, nor does his tongue! Provocative by nature, he was born in New York and has been a part of it´s underground scene for long.
Bufallo 66” and “The Brown Bunny” have given him notorious public attention, specially in Europe, against what some closed mind critics have stated – that “no one in America would see a single frame of his film” while refering to “The Brown Bunny“.
The fellatio depicted on the film arose much controversy. Though memorable without doubt, this scene remains, unfortunately, the only aspect people remember the film for. Instead of being disturbed by narrow coments, Gallo has turned this particular scene, with humour, as a teaser for his escort services as announced on his official website. Under merchandise, he publicizes himself as evening or weekend escort and sells his sperm for 1, 000, 000. 00 to all naturally born female, who can afford it! reporting to the fellatio scene as exactly the proof for his physical qualities and warranty of a good performance!
The “Brown Bunny” is a road movie, in which a low budget is a synonym for quality and creativity. A man – played by Gallo himself – consummed with guilt for a lost love tries to live his life further, couping with his own feelings of disorientation and impotency.
The miles he drives are a way to order his own memories of the past. Meanwhile driving, he cries and mourns, the road is like a therapy and a sort of way to survive, to keep on going.
Successive landscapes, weather conditions, interwined with american road songs, and beautifull shots, from the composition, colour and rythmic point of view, occasionate an amazing cinematographic moment.
I would say, that though people would think that in the first one and a half hours of the film nothing happens, this is exactly the best part of it, right before the story unravels. The narrative is only unfold in the very end, when one finally grasps the character, his motivations, why he is sad and cannot connect with women. Driving for miles is a way to deal with his hurt and impotency, and a way to go back to the key locations of his love story trying to make sense of it. The film is literally about a voyage, also into his past and himself, in order to coup with the guilt, hurt, sadness and impotency. And it speaks, without words and through images, about one man´s feelings. For me, it is a key film on how men handle their emotions, and deal with the language of love – in a visual way that is always engaged with action and functioning rather than, words or gestures.

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