My kind of town baby!

Happily driving around… I am so happy to be in Lisbon! 16 degrees: Good bless this beautifull country! I specially missed my car and my books! I am nobody without my books!

“I officially commit to any naturally born male who offers me a wall with wooden shelves (no IKEA shelves please) and manages to gather all my books under the same roof. Experience in international shipping and language skills is a plus! (as my books are presently scattered between four different houses and two different countries)”.

Since a few years I’ve got this Christmas tradition, on the 25th I always go to the movies alone and see the most depressing film I can find. It started as an hazard but, it sort of turned into an habit. Three years ago, I was the only spectator watching “Recordações da Casa Amarela” by João César Monteiro (my favourite Portuguese film director), two years ago “The Pianist”, last year cannot remember and this year Brian de Palma’s “Redacted”. This film reminds me of my lack of political engagement, I am forced to wake up and do better!

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  1. I would immediately propose to you, but unfortunately I am not male though naturally born :). Got IKEA shelves only anyway. 😉

    Beijinhos a nossa cidade!

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