I often wonder if I act as a magnet for amazing stories, as I seem to attract it like crazy and I often ask if I am to blame for it… In “The Red notebook“, Paul Auster – one of my favorite writers – writes exactly about hazard stories, that he experienced himself or, heard from friends. Good to know that there are others just like me! He collects and describes those unbelievable events, making us question if there is such thing as a coincidence. Are we to believe in hazard or not? How much of a role plays luck in our lives? (The master film for such question is no doubt, “Match Point” by Woody Allen)

Paul Auster for instance, has experienced four flat tires in his whole life and in every of those occasions, the same person was sitting with him in the car!, in 3 different countries in a period of of 8 to 9 years! (Something like this could also have happened to me actually). He faced this as a sign that the friendship between the both wasn´t to last. Time proved him right!

By the end of the book I make the decision: I should definitely buy myself a Red Notebook in 2008!

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