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I Don´t Care!

1- Stop hoping! Stop expecting! Force yourself to dream of something better.
2- Don´t restrict yourself from having all the chocolates, cakes, pizzas, chips, cigarettes, coffees and beers you feel like!
3- Keep a 24/7 schedule meeting friends every evening, even though if you haven´t seen them since kinder garden!
4- Clean your mp3 from all music related with this love. Fill it with silly and happy music that you usually consider bad taste music, the more superficial the better!
5- Keep away from your mobile and e-mail box! Sending sms and e-mails is strictly forbidden. When late at night and after a couple of drinks make sure your best friend keeps an eye on you and restricts you from having any contact with the guy!
6- When meeting him repeat to yourself 10 times: I am a stone. I am a stone. I am stone…
7- Compensate yourself with unlimited shopping, get yourself the mini skirt and the shirts with decoité and high heels you never trusted yourself to wear.
8- Burn your all your snoopy panties and get new sexy transparent underwear only: put your sexy out!
9- Look as an Hollywood star 24/7: you are way TOO COOL for this world!
10- Go out with male friends that like to touch your butt and enjoy it!
11- Flirt, flirt, flirt shamelessly… You are delicious!
12- Out with romantic comedies, in with action movies, the bloodier the better.
13 – Have a kitchen party with your best friend, drinking and dancing on top of the table and puke it out of your system!
14 – Think about all the gorgeous people out there who are singles and enjoy it!
15- Remember that “Sometimes Goodbye IS The ONLY Way!” – as Linkin Park puts it in “The Sun will Set for you”!

Uma Thurman, Kill Bill

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Breakfast at Tiffany´s

In Breakfast at Tiffany´s, Holly Golightly is set in surviving, and she´s having a plan on how to do exactly that. Apart some intimate moments when her fears, anxities and panick attacks surface, she doesn´t question her system, for she believes it to take her where she wants to go. Obstinately looking for wealth and security in the arms of a good-looking millionar, she doesn´t see what life is really offering her.

As a nomad travelling-searching for a place to belong – a place she never finds (at least in the novel) – she has both cut with her past and is blind to the chance life is offering her, for it doesn´t fit her survival pre-conceived scheme of how things should go.

Holly Golightly is a street cat. And as a woman with dreams that had to survive on her own, her forcefulness impedes her to see beyond her system. As we follow the plot in the movie, Holly ends grabing a „good oportunity“ with both hands, even though it doesn´t fit her system. But, she only gives it up in face of total disillusion and defeat, when there´s really no other option. When she throws her cat – significantly named cat – out of the taxi and the man who loves her with it, she is still denying the obvious: that, if her system brought her that far, only by finally giving it up will she be able to survive further. It brought her there but, it cannot bring her anywhere any longer.

Holly´s struggle is not simply one for survival, but a quest to find her place in the world, to find her identity to put it bluntly. She´s a sophisticated playgirl, taking on the role of the naive, young, entertaining woman, who is always the catch of every party. She doesn´t know who she is, except that she is someone else´s luxury doll. And that´s how she has been surviving, until love literally knocks on her door and forces her system to tumble down.

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A Woman Under the Influence

Talking to me, S. came up with this image: walking with your hands and a french baguette in between your legs. I knew immediately that a great image was born to stay, for it speaks of all the things and options that lay in between a simple black and white, a yes and a no, all the various laugthers and ironies as alternatives to escape control.

In his 1974 film „A Woman Under the Influence“, John Cassavetes brilliantly writes and directs Mabel´s story – interpreted by his own wife in real life -, and how her madness polarizes everyone around her. She is a force of nature.
Curiously, one never comes to a conclusion as to which influence Mabel is under, if alcohol, drugs, her family, her husband, society in general… in the end of the movie the question remains as open as in the beginning, together with the impression that we´ve only witness an excerpt of their on-going long story. And such story is made of routine, trust and love.

Their unconventional marriage and family life is the center of the plot. We are introduced into their core and we get to see how the outside world interferes and changes their codes everytime. This is a story of two people, that though disfunctional to the outside world, manage to get along together. It is about how they are strangely saving each other on an every day basis. The curtain of their bedroom literally functions as a stage curtain, which is opened and closed as guests come and go and situations change and tension explodes.

Mabel is a fascinating character, challenging conventional representations of madness in cinema. She is coached by her husband to act in a certain socializing, understable way while in the presence of guests. In these moments, she tries to control her emotions and ticks in a way which is sort of aceptable for others. And this is when she says: „It´s working!“. She is aware that in order to live one has to act according to already established social rules. The problem is she hasn´t lost her capacity to play, on the contrary to most grownups. Except, she finds no way to balance it. And so her eccentricity escalates, leaving her husband with no choice but to committ her to a mental institution for several months.

When Mabel finally returns, she’s a mere shadow of the woman she used to be. Gone are her chattiness, her warmth and naivety — and basically her personality. Nick, in his own typical inarticulate, brutish manner, tries to get his wife to return to the way she used to be. He keeps inciting her to „be herself“, to go back and do her assorted ticks, be spontaneous once again.

Cassavetes is an amazing director and screen writer. But some of the film´s brilliancy has to do directly with Gena Rowlands´magnetic performance and the psychological complexity of her character. Many of the scenes were born of the improvisation work between the actors, always under the spell of Rowland´s compelling performance and personality.

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Women In Art

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I Wish I Was Someone Better

My Kind of Band! More here >> And Live 22 Feb 08 in Berlin White Trash Visions Party!

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Patrick Watson – Luscious Life

Here you go: another pearl from Patrick. All these beautiful people out there… Thank you for existing!

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Patrick Watson – Drifters

Check out my latest ADDICTION >>

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