I Don´t Care!

1- Stop hoping! Stop expecting! Force yourself to dream of something better.
2- Don´t restrict yourself from having all the chocolates, cakes, pizzas, chips, cigarettes, coffees and beers you feel like!
3- Keep a 24/7 schedule meeting friends every evening, even though if you haven´t seen them since kinder garden!
4- Clean your mp3 from all music related with this love. Fill it with silly and happy music that you usually consider bad taste music, the more superficial the better!
5- Keep away from your mobile and e-mail box! Sending sms and e-mails is strictly forbidden. When late at night and after a couple of drinks make sure your best friend keeps an eye on you and restricts you from having any contact with the guy!
6- When meeting him repeat to yourself 10 times: I am a stone. I am a stone. I am stone…
7- Compensate yourself with unlimited shopping, get yourself the mini skirt and the shirts with decoité and high heels you never trusted yourself to wear.
8- Burn your all your snoopy panties and get new sexy transparent underwear only: put your sexy out!
9- Look as an Hollywood star 24/7: you are way TOO COOL for this world!
10- Go out with male friends that like to touch your butt and enjoy it!
11- Flirt, flirt, flirt shamelessly… You are delicious!
12- Out with romantic comedies, in with action movies, the bloodier the better.
13 – Have a kitchen party with your best friend, drinking and dancing on top of the table and puke it out of your system!
14 – Think about all the gorgeous people out there who are singles and enjoy it!
15- Remember that “Sometimes Goodbye IS The ONLY Way!” – as Linkin Park puts it in “The Sun will Set for you”!

Uma Thurman, Kill Bill


  1. Ho my God! I really needed to laugh and this article is exactly what I needed to read. Now I feel more sane.Thanks!

      1. yea i know its hard , but i also learned that we can do better!!!!! plus we are a very beatiful persons!!!!!

  2. yah..cool and it seems fun,and yet to make you forget..but after the parties and shoppings and those enjoynments,you get tired and sit back and relax,when the lights are gone,the party’s over and you are alone,still you remember…and tears falll down.
    you forget for awhile…but then it always comes back.

      1. yes you are both right,
        so it takes time, I just need to throw him from my head completely – I do not have him in my heart and want my head to be free…

    1. In the same boat with you Ruth : ( I agree, there are just some we can’t forget, no matter what we do. life goes on and at times we have a bit of relief, but something always pops upand reminds us of that person. I am one year into parting ways with a guy i was in love with, he was an airline pilot, and everytime i hear an airplane, it triggers the his memory, anything i see about new york, it triggers my melancholy and wishful thinkings. I have been trying my best to move on,keeping my heart open to someone who will come along and make me forget him. But it hasn’t happened yet. So I keep hoping…. that i will heal from him someday soon.

    1. Hi Kat, it happened to me as well, and i feel your pain. I read in a book that we are all trying to survive in this world and part of that survival is that the other person is also trying to do the same. While that does not ease our pain, They are unaware of the pain they cause for a variety of reasons, either they are selfish, narcissistic, emotionally incapable of having empathy , or they themselves were abandoned at some point as a child. I have to say that it is the hardest thing to forget someone we so wanted and they did not feel the same. Rejection, hurts deeply because its a wound not easily healed by quick fixes, it cuts the very core of our being and makes us question our value and our significance. If you are praying person, that helps a lot. And remember you are valuable just because you breathe and feel. The best to you.

  3. i really want to forget this man,its t
    o complicated ,i’m tired of 2 years
    relationship without any thing that
    make me happy ,really happy !but
    i’m afraid .i’m confused .

  4. I really like to do all those things. I will. I will. I will. I was laughing with #12. “The bloodier the better”! Wahahahaha.

  5. Very useful and some of these can be done by a guy too. But the best way to forget your ex is to know that that it didn’t workout because it was never meant to be and the special someone is out there waiting to be found and its your duty to find him/her.
    And gals need more of these things cause they r more sensitive.
    I believe if it was fun to be with the wrong one .. how awesome it will be with the right one. I am watching kill bill tonight all 2 movies:).

  6. I feel better now. It’s so hard getting a winning attitude when you are so confused, especially when you are always trying not to think about him anymore. Thaks a lot!

  7. had a crush but we had grad and he is not going to go in the same high school as me and i dont know how to forget about him :(((

  8. Thanks for your advice!!! already try everything!!! and I still cry a lot!!! I can’t get over!! it really hurts!!! is taking me longer than what I tought!!!

  9. forgettin is hard but possible…delete everythin u hav facebook…twitter…emails and such…talk to ppl and try to forget and not think bout him….worked for me twice…gonna hav harder time if i break up with this guy this time…hes rly special….
    ILY ALEX!!!!! |||||

  10. i still can’t forget him, my dreams are all about him. can’t stop thinking and crying during nights. he likes someone different, knowing this hurts my heart and soul. his smile is so bright, i can’t forget the memories about him. he does not talk to me any more, but i still love him

    1. I feel you i am going thru the same thing i am so confused my heart aches.. Partying doesnt help .. Getting drunk either

  11. I don´t even know him yet, or maybe never will. But he somehow always does something to get my attention (or my mind is making it all up’-I don´t know). Anyways, I only see him like once a week, sometimes even twice, but my mind is haunted by him. There´s not a day that I can´t think about him, it´s uncommon that there´s even 1 hour that I haven´t only once thought about him. I know it sounds obsessive, but I can´t stop my mind sometimes.. I don´t understand men, or love… but it all starts with my own mind. What am I supposed to do?

  12. Oh what I forgot to say is that sometimes my ´obsessive thinking´ is so terrible that I can´t focus on important tasks. And that´s why I often get in trouble whenever I have to catch another deadline. In short, my feelings have a negative influence on my day to day life. Is there an easy way to change all of this?

  13. try to think all his bad habits, bad attitudes toward your friends and family, think that he is no god for you, that is their lost not ours. those 10 tips are all ways to forget them, choose the best one for you. try to be with people that shows you love, concern, makes you special, makes u a princess, it might help.

  14. Dear Hopeless,

    Last night, the man of my dreams, aka my fiancé, told me that he did not love me like he used to and left me. In a very strange way it was a relief, because I knew it and could feel it, but I was refusing to believe it or accept it; hearing it convinced me and reassured the truth-two weeks after his proposal he no longer was in love with me.
    With him I tasted Love…with him I tasted so many amazing experiences…with him I tasted what being in love meant…with him I tasted true love…with him I tasted disappointment…with him I tasted rejection…with him I tasted what NOT being loved by somebody who you love with all your heart meant and felt.

    Today I feel dull and emotionless and it’s not going to change for a very long time. But the only thing I can do is to move on. Not try to move on but just move on (I am a stone…I am a stone…I am a stone…).

    But just remember what Mr. G said:

    “IF it was fun to be with the WRONG one … imagine how awesome it will be with the RIGHT one.”

    The sad part of all this is that he was the right one for me- I just wasn’t the right one for him.

    Hang in there and the right one for you will come when you least expect it. After all, the one for you who will love reciprocate your love is out there.

  15. Wish I never fell in love with him! I begged him2com bak n when he said: u wanted this, now deal with it! I told him syke, I was just makin sure u don’t crawl bak2me! I deserve better, wish I could take him as peace of paper n throw in garbage! He was mine for more than a year! Y I still want him, when he do not want even to b my friend?

  16. how can u forget a person u love, n that works in the same place as u do?????? i wish i can just move on, but its hard cause i see him almost everyday!!!;-(

  17. The fact is u will forget him eventually. U can do whateva bt he will end up out of your mind. And it is much better if he assists u by not calling or it u dnt see him. Nothing stays foreva in your mind if you don’t need it. Its like a horror movie u eventually forget it cos u dnt want to keep it in yo mind.

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