On the quality of comment these days!

No Stupid Questions Please!

Someone – using a false e-mail address – just sent me the following comment regarding my post about the Arte a Full exhibition:

Who the fuck are you?

Since my e-mail to this person returned as failure, here is my answer:

Who I am is more than clear. There´s my contact, my words and picture out on the open, out in public. Which isn´t the same I can say for you! And ever since we left the Middle Age everybody is entitled to an opinion.
If you are an artist, you should know that if you do something public you have to live with the consequences. So: GROW UP!
I discuss arguments and exchange opinions: it is called a dialog – something that you obviously never heard of!
So shove your insult up yours! For this is no way to address someone!


  1. since i found this site i visit it regularly and i found your posts estimulating. For me your contribution is clearly positive.
    So all i can say is that i hope to find your afirmative comments in the future and that you receive less idiot comments.

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