No One Belongs Here More Than You – Miranda July

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Selected quotes:

“We met twice a week in my apartment. When they arrived, I had three bowls of warm tap water lined up on the floor, and then a forth bowl in front of those, the coach´s bowl. I added salt to the water because it´s supposed to be healthy to snort warm salt water, and I figured they would be snorting accidentally. I showed them how to put their noses and mouths in the water and how to take a breath to the side. Then we added the legs, and then the arms. I admitted these were not perfect conditions for learning to swim, but, I pointed out, this was how Olympic swimmers trained when there wasn´t a pool nearby. Yes, yes, yes, this was a lie but, we needed it because we were four people lying on the kitchen floor, kicking it loudly as if angry, as if furious, as if disappointed or frustrated and not afraid to show it”.
The Swim Team in No One Belongs Here More Than You, Stories by Miranda July

“This pain, this dying, this is just normal. This is how life is. In fact, I realize, there never was an earthquake. Life is just this way, broken, and I am crazy to hope for something else”.
Majesty in No One Belongs Here More Than You, Stories by Miranda July

“I had made everything just horrible enough to bring Theresa´s sadness down to the next level, and I joined her there. It was a place of overflowing collaborative misery, and we cried together, We could smell each other´s shampoo and the laundry detergents we had chosen, and I smelled that she didn´t smoke but someone she loved did, and she could feel that I was large but not genetically, not permanently, just until I found my way again”.
It was Romance in No One Belongs Here More Than You, Stories by Miranda July

“My mind ballooned with nervous fear. I looked at Pip and for a split second I felt as though she was nobody special in the larger scheme of my life. She was just some girl who had tied me to her leg to help her sink when she jumped of the bridge. Then I blinked and I was in love with her again”.
Something that needs nothing in No One Belongs Here More Than You, Stories by Miranda July

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