The Nomadic Condition

Clara Luzia – Morninglight

I sometimes wonder about what is it that keeps you moving… maybe one keeps searching for a long lost place which doesn´t really exist, except in your own head, though you can´t prevent yourself from having the feeling that there is more out there for you than this, this actual this, which is so little compared to what you dreamed or what you imagined for yourself. And you just keep the search going… And you just realize along the way, how much you´ve learned and grew. Though sometimes you also doubt. Is one just looking for a place to belong? Will one really find it?
Tom York says “I´m all the days you choose to ignore. I´m in the middle of your picture. You´re all that I need!” I lived the feeling that I belonged somewhere but I was wrong because I was alone in this feeling, left unchanged before change. I am like Holy Golightly, the time to start buying some furniture still hasn´t come… And I am looking forward to all the surprises and new starts that figure ahead!
And I thank you for this sweet and exciting feeling of leaning against the back of my seat in a plain just before take off (even if you don´t get me and I wish you did)!

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