Matthias Weischer

Last 3rd of April the Zeit Magazine featured a photo of Matthias Weischer in his atelier. This photo was taken by Ben Rinner. And what a great photo it was! It has been on my mind ever since… I might have come across the physical Weischer somewhere in the Spinnerei but didn´t pay so much attention.
Now, he has entered my universe, in this very strange way, through a picture filled with promises of fiction. In it, he is crouching and clamming to the window´s grid like a watching or a falling bird, trapped in and looking in the direction of the light coming from the outside. Maybe he is waiting for the very last ray of light to fly away.
One wall shows one of his paintings and another a floating buoy which, one reads, he brought back with him from Italy, where he has spent the last months painting.
Looking at the picture I cannot decide if he will take off soon or, if he is waiting to be saved!

Matthias Weischer, the human bird, quietly observing something we cannot see ourselves… is he trying to break free of his cage or, is he paralyzed by his own sense of “madness” or, too overwhelmed by what he has discovered that he cannot even move? Will he grab for his safety buoy or just simply take the plunge?

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