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WildTurner on You Tube

Radiohead – All I Need

Since the 25th of October 2007 You Tube´s subscriber WildTurner has uploaded nine videos in which historical film footage, ranging from experimental film to the great Italian director Antonioni, is put together with music varying from Radiohead to Joy Division.

Meanwhile exploring entries on Marcel Duchamp on You Tube I came across one of those videos, in which an excerpt of Hans Richter´s “Dreams that Money Can Buy” featuring Marcel Duchamp´s “Anemic Cinema” is put together with Radiohead´s “You´re All I Need”, which happens to be my favorite song on their last album. Lucky coincidence for this is a great match!
The song is painful, obsessive and yet inspiring with Tom York´s amazing lyrics: “I am all the days you choose to ignore”! Duchamp´s “Anemic Cinema” as an inquiry into human perception and the cinematic gaze gains a new reading here.
The viewer´s gaze under the spell bounding and hypnotic effects of cinema is thus compared to an impotent powerless lover living off an illusion. Until the advent of the internet and interactive cinema, our relation with cinema has been a passive and non-corresponded one indeed, just like the love described in the song.

I wonder what drove Wild Turner to put Duchamp´s “Anemic Cinema” and Radiohead´s song “You´re All I Need” together?
“Jigsaw Falling Into Place” another song by Radiohead together with Antonioni footage also results tremendously brilliant. Here >>

And most amazing is to think that this could only have happened in the internet of course, where the logic of the medium favoring freedom to experiment and assembly – two of Duchamp´s most strongest ideas and legacy for the future – overthrows limiting author rights´ bureaucracy. Indeed a match made in heaven!

On the topics of the change of the artist´s role after Duchamp and quotation/ assembly /sampling issues today, is really worth taking a look into Dj Spooky´s interview on Duchamp at The Dallas Museum of Art.

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Final Fantasy: He Poos Clouds (release version)

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Make my heart stop…

I wake up from a nightmare; I am in an elevator going up and as the door is just about to close I see you. Without thinking about everything that has gone wrong I lift my hand to salute you with the same honest heart and good faith as always but you don´t see me. You are carrying someone else´s luggage and I see you embrace this someone in your arms with the same open smile you once devoted me, just before the elevator doors shut and I go up despite of me…

As I rush and try to start the day with a clear head and shake off my nightmare, as I am just about to close the front door, I must go back to check if the oven is turned off and then a second time again because I have a bad conscience regarding the plants which are not even mine but are looking very yellow and dry! – And the last thing I need on top of it all is that the goddamn plants go dying on me…- I think to myself. As I am about to leave I read the post it on the door which someone else wrote: “Alles was wird tun wird gut werden”. I take a deep breath.

The trash has been collected from the streets, an Arab mother outside a school yard watches her child on the playground with obvious pride, probably counting the hours until they hold each other again.

I apply my energy day long solving other people´s problems hoping that this will maybe be sufficient to solve my own. Everything is connected in some weird way and I run, I think, I make an effort and I am creative in finding ways to make things work… I leave my sense of schizophrenia behind and do my best. In the night I meet up with a friend just before he takes a flight to another continent.
I am living in between, in the fold, where everything is so quick yet much more intensive…

I am waiting for the last train, hopping that it will go the right way and get me safely home for I forgot my city guide. I´ve got my silver princess high heels on and I am waiting for the very last train while looking to my red toe nails… I find happiness in the silliest of things…
I see “MTV teens” going out to party, people trying to get back home after a 16 hour workday, and we are all part of this pulsing system… I see a rat running around the corner in the subway and an old lady collecting bottles for the refund money… I feel like holding her in my arms. NO ONE should be collecting bottles in subway stations for the deposit! And NO ONE CARES! But I do! I feel like shouting the top of my lungs! And the rat moves quickly again, this time in another direction and no one seems to see it except for me. And I get into the train and cross all the unknown stations ending in -heim and -weg trusting that I will somehow get home and not lost in all the madness I witness everyday!

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I´ve just witnessed Andre – German, thin, rectilinear nose and strait blond, the embodiment of what a German male “should” look like to foreign eyes – being spit directly in the face by another man. Andre is the boyfriend of a girl I´ve just recently met, and the three of us happened to go out to a secretive chill-out-party, to which one was invited on a mouth-to-mouth basis for it wasn´t advertised anywhere. It was a great party except for the scary part which took place, short before midnight by the Strassenbahn stop as we were returning home.

While I was busy buying cigarettes at the closest gas station, both Andre and Susanna were being nagged by a stranger which kept staring at Susanna and insulting Andre for apparently being “too German”. As soon as joined them the guy immediately turned his attention on me, which truth be said is no surprise since I do have a talent to act as a magnet for crazy people. I offered him a cigarette as a way to calm him down and kept talking with him, looking him in the eye with the most confident look I could manage, to show him that we were really all on the same boat, just trying to coupe with life and that I understood a bit about his frustration. This seemed to work, though he came too close to me and demanded five cigarettes instead of one. As he approached my face I though: this is it! This is the night when I will probably get hurt, when I will have to defend myself with my teeth the best way I can! I was very calm and yet scared and alert at the same time. I thought if I break now and give him five cigarettes he will have the feeling he is in control and that I am a victim, if I don´t accept his terms I will only infuriate him… And there I was, before a typical dilemma when someone with physical or other kid of superiority faces you with profound hate in the eye! I tried to hold my ground and told him that it was not possible, I would give him a second cigarette and that was it. He accepted it and turned to Andre to spit right in his face and in his shoe, cursing how much he hated him! Andre didn´t move a millimeter, didn´t say anything, just remained where he was.

Things were definitely out of control, we were beyond the point of rationality, we were on unknown ground and anything could happen. I evaluated my chances, me with my 57 kilos against a taller, stronger black man. I thought of all the great African athletes I know, their physical unbelievable skills, I thought of the marathon star in my country and how I should have taken self-defense classes at some point… If he wanted he could crash me just like that, but I wouldn´t go down without a fight if it would come to that…
Between Andre´s passive but stoic attitude, my sympathetic and “cool” response and Susanna´s rational argumentative talk – she kept saying: But you don´t know him! How can you hate him? – we somehow intuitively managed the situation and to step into the next Straßenbahn without getting ourselves hurt nor into a fight.
But the question remains: what to do when someone looks you in the eye – without really seeing you – with profound hate?

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