Living on Super 8

Photo: Roseihardy, Strait Towards The Sun, Flickr

A number of memories, feelings and expectations crossed my mind as I discovered this photo by Roseihardy in Flickr last week.
Its retro but yet familiar look makes me feel it is about me, giving proof of something that either has happened or is about to, of something I deeply know but I am not able to make out completely.

I did live by the water most of my life…

It made me think of the long summers of my childhood, when me and my cousin were literally left to our luck to live on the beach for three whole months untill school started again.
It reminds me of that little humid white house by the beach, full of books, were I learned about love, poetry and beauty.
It makes me think of a locked and far away house, slowly decaying, slowly disappearing into oblivion, as if a giant silent ship sinking, with my books – moths having a feast on my books -, the hurtfull shoes lying around as unsuspected houses for the spiders, the embalmed smell of a loved one… all traces coming to an end…

Little by little I am pushed into a strange exile, a place where there´s no belonging…. it all misteriously dissolves just as the chemicals reacting in an old photograph.

I turn my back away to all hurtfull things and carry nothing with me …
I am as if naked and unexpectedly completely released
Between past and future
memories of the sea
It´s the greatest feeling
one of Glory

Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life

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  1. liliana, this is also one of my favorites! I am amazed by the atmosphere of the concert, quite political and emotional.

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