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Matthias and Tom!

I trust my life to the first taxi driver I find and secretely and silently pray that my last 10 euros are enough to get me home safely… I promise myself this was the last time, that from now on I will plan everything very carefully up to my retirement fond (the one which still doesn´t exist)…
But Matthias and Tom are just to appealing to me, I cannot help myself. We were the three last idiots expecting an s-bahn which wouldn´t come for it had stopped running for more than an hour. We started with mentol cigarretes and ended up in a gay club, with me asking how is it that in every city I come to be best friends with the gays in town and end up in the most alternative underground bar ever where I am the only woman and worry about getting slapped just for having the wrong gender! God! One day I swear I am going to be normal and only attract boring people! I will be able to live on the safe side and behave normally… One day I will stop having a “thing” for the fall!

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Nach vorn

“Es ist gerade die Distanz zu meinem Ursprüngen, die mir gefällt.
Ich habe nichts, wohin ich zurückkehren könnte”

Susan Sontag,, The Passion for Words, Interview mit Marithelma Costa
und Adelaida Lopez (1987).

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Did someone already push the repeat button?

BBC Large Hadron Collider – The Search For The Higgs 1 of 3

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I´ve Got Nothing To Say!


Lately I´ve been into collage. And many of these are a reaction to something I´ve experienced myself, read or listened to. Such is the case here. “I´ve Got Nothing To Say!” is a kick out of several situations:
– “Ask me Anything”, a song I really like by THE STROKES;
– as posted by universaljukebox on YouTube, in this excellent version the song is put together with Woody Allen footage
– and the article Douglas Haddow published on Addbusters on July 29th and which annoyed a great lot of people! I´ve been meaning to comment on it for a while now but never really got around to… well, this post is in its way also my response to it, except for in visual terms.

With these collages I am underlying – as it has been stated enough by others before me – that new content can indeed arise from quotation. Let us get over the same old dicussion on how much “stealing” has been done or how much the authors´ rights have been disrespected to embrace the idea that something as touched you in a way that you just have to do something about it! And the greatest thing is, with the tools available today and for the first time, you can do more than just talk to a couple of close friends about your referencies and how meaningfull you think they are, you can really be trigger to respond or react to something creatively!

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The Answering Machine

Some people have extremely long voice messages on their mobile mail box or answering machine. Not me. I have none. And I am always upset when someone else´s voice message after a zelaous introduction explains the obvious to me, that I can leave a message after the beep.
On his hand, his friends complained how short and dry his voice message was. “I am not there”, without an explanation nor a promise to follow up the received call with another call. “That´s just plain rude!” they kept on telling him. But the truth was the reset button was stuck and there was nothing he could do now to exchange the already programmed voice message despite regretting it. And so, he is forced to sit longer and longer next to the phone to be able to answer every incomming call. He has been living a very strange life ever since.

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The Oh Oh Ohs LIVE

These guys are TERRIFIC live! I´ve just discovered them last weekend at the Museumsuferfest RadioX in Frankfurt and they surely deliver what they promise! They pulled out an outstanding and energetic live performance as I haven´t witnessed for long! Hu-hu! Out in the open, against the city skyline and down by the water – the perfect scenario! -, they mastered an hypnotic and compelling show, exchanging between improvisation and interacting with the public. I specially enjoyed their own gestures and how much fun they have doing it. It was just amazing!

According to their My Space profile, the Oh Oh Ohs define themselves as a two men electro-riot band whose sound “varies from techno and drum’n’bass to grime and house beats up to 80s disco and punk”. Unfortunately their My Space page fails short to what they accomplish live!
I want to put on my masquerade costume and follow them where the party goes, fall into oblivion and just be happy!

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