Marching Bands and Dying Kings!





I admit.
It started out long ago but it got worse recently.
Everyday I dare to dream a bit longer. I used to pulled it off only in specific occasions. Now I take pleasure in carrying out my little performance everyday, for instance on my way to work. I always choose a different song and walk to its rhythm and mood between A and B, and then I know it is over. But until I get there I dream everything is brilliant, everything is as I always wished it to be!
The sun warms my face and belly, I have flowers in my hair and freckles.
Unexpected and frightfull things may take place but sweet and fantastic also awaits.
In my reverie I am finally able to impress you. And that´s my little revenge. Or, you step out of my past and we can finally amend things.
All that is beautifull and fair finds its place and I feel good. I am no longer messed up.
Sometimes I have to think a little hard to figure out if it has really happened or not…

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