The Oh Oh Ohs LIVE

These guys are TERRIFIC live! I´ve just discovered them last weekend at the Museumsuferfest RadioX in Frankfurt and they surely deliver what they promise! They pulled out an outstanding and energetic live performance as I haven´t witnessed for long! Hu-hu! Out in the open, against the city skyline and down by the water – the perfect scenario! -, they mastered an hypnotic and compelling show, exchanging between improvisation and interacting with the public. I specially enjoyed their own gestures and how much fun they have doing it. It was just amazing!

According to their My Space profile, the Oh Oh Ohs define themselves as a two men electro-riot band whose sound “varies from techno and drum’n’bass to grime and house beats up to 80s disco and punk”. Unfortunately their My Space page fails short to what they accomplish live!
I want to put on my masquerade costume and follow them where the party goes, fall into oblivion and just be happy!

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