Matthias and Tom!

I trust my life to the first taxi driver I find and secretely and silently pray that my last 10 euros are enough to get me home safely… I promise myself this was the last time, that from now on I will plan everything very carefully up to my retirement fond (the one which still doesn´t exist)…
But Matthias and Tom are just to appealing to me, I cannot help myself. We were the three last idiots expecting an s-bahn which wouldn´t come for it had stopped running for more than an hour. We started with mentol cigarretes and ended up in a gay club, with me asking how is it that in every city I come to be best friends with the gays in town and end up in the most alternative underground bar ever where I am the only woman and worry about getting slapped just for having the wrong gender! God! One day I swear I am going to be normal and only attract boring people! I will be able to live on the safe side and behave normally… One day I will stop having a “thing” for the fall!

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