“Nocturnes” by Kazuo Ishiguro

Animated trailer by George Wu for Kazuo Ishiguro’s book “Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall”.

I was smiling stiffly and standing in a corner with my boxe gloves on when a book caught my eye at the airport newspaper store. Its back cover read that these were stories “marked by a haunting theme: the struggle to keep alive a sense of life’s romance”. There are no coincidences in life and so I bought the book.

I was puzzled throughout the reading since, instead of giving us insight into the character’s contradictory choices and behaviour, the narrator simply presents them. He refuses to make an interpretation or leave any clues as to it and even places the development of the story in a nearby future and beyond the story’s last written sentence. In this sense, “Nocturnes” really keeps growing on you after you finished reading the book.

I felt mislead at first, since apparently there seemed to be no answer to its greater question – what keeps us going. I realized then that my thoughts keept revolving around all those gestures and emotions I couldn’t figure out in the book, around the stories’ unfinished endings. It hit me then that our sense of wonder lies exactly there.

A great book.

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