Research from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 9 out of 10 people worldwide are breathing unhealthy air. Poor air quality is rated as the leading environmental health threat facing humanity today. If China and India come top of mind, by no means the affected countries stop there. From urban air pollution, to weather inversions, wildfire haze, allergens, and airborne pathogens like cold and flu, in many different parts of the world people are exposed to serious health threats from poor air quality.


To help tackle these issues, Bruce Lorange, founder of O2TODAY, and Dutch designer Marcel Wanders just launched O2TODAY’s latest innovation, the O2SafeAir mask (2018), which is being launched through Indiegogo.

An advocate of healthy breathing, Bruce Lorange sees the company’s mission to teach people about the real health impacts of exposure to harmful air, and to support population health through an effective product. While it does not solve world pollution, this air mask is a simple yet important innovation that can help thousands of people around the world.

Next to industry-leading design and advanced filtration technology, the O2SafeAir mask offers comfort, reusability and customization. Allowing wearers to make choices based on what’s best for them, it protects against pollution and airborne pathogens while offering a degree of personalization –by choosing from different filter options, stylish patterns and essential oil mists.

In the last 12 months, millions of Americans seem to have undergone a change of attitude about air quality. At the heart of this change are wildfires in the western states and a record-breaking cold and flu season, which brought awareness about the realities of harmful air. Also the Global Wellness Summit lists healthy breathing as one of the top 8 trends for 2018 in the $3.8 trillion wellness industry. Both businesses and consumers alike are paying more attention to the necessity of breathing clean air.

More and more, people in urban areas understand the need and see protective masks as important health accessories in the same category as fitness trackers and water bottles. Health may well be the new luxury.

Read the World Health Organization Article on How Air Pollution is Destroying Our Health

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