About Me

As the weird world rolls on,
the wonder is still there!
Paul Auster, Man in The Dark

06 februari 20164708 by Beyoutiful Photography_5

Give me a challenge and I’ll be there!
When someone tells me no, I shake my body joyfully and dance away.
Sometimes I secretly wish for things to go wrong! Bring on the dynamite!
Trying to break an iceberg with bear fists? Been there done that.
Sometimes I doubt what the hell I am doing, sometimes I JUST DO IT!
I keep my shoes on just in case I feel bored so that I can mischievously sneak away!
I am obsessed with the big picture, that’s where all the fun is! Don’t bother me with the details…
The best thing it could happen: when you loose all your data! Because you get to start all over again!
Where do I belong: abroad!
I am in awe when it comes to: cities, culture and beauty! And no city qualifies as such without colourful restaurants, cultural experiences, city sky scrappers and a gazillion possibilities to experiment and learn new things!
What have I been up to? Eight different cities, seven different countries, five different languages and counting…
Why on earth do I have a blog? Because sometimes when I look at art, see a film or read a book I just have to write, talk or tell someone about it! Because there are troublemakers” out there changing the world!
Welcome to my world!


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